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State Venture LLC

State Venture owns and operates commercial office buildings, retail centers, residential Homes and farmlands in various states. State Venture also owns livestock, and hunting grounds in the State of Texas.

State Venture LLC is a limited liability company which began 1986 and is located in Houston, TX. State Venture’s main goal was and is to buy and operate real estate. State Venture continues to acquire real estate assets, including high-rise office buildings, retail centers, vacant land, farmland and homes in various states in the USA.  

If you desire to sell any real estate, whether a small tract of land or a large estate, State Venture can handle the transaction with discretion and privacy in a timely manner. Please send State Venture an email or text message or give us a phone call today.

 We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and explaining all of your options.

State Venture’s goal is to provide owners of real estate properties who are considering the sale of all or part of their real estate, a discreet, responsive and viable option for selling their property. State Venture can assist those who want to convert their monthly income into a lump sum cash offer. We specialize in turning smaller monthly revenue payments into a cash offer with a quick closing of the transaction.  

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Are you looking to rent a space or sell your property? Our email address is info@stateventurellc.com