State Venture LLC

State Venture owns and operates commercial office buildings, retail centers, residential Homes and farmlands in various states. State Venture also owns livestock, and hunting grounds in the State of Texas.

Office Buildings

State Venture has available for lease a wide selection of office space for rent in Houston, Texas. You have a lot of great options to choose from, ranging from one-person private suites to multi-floor layouts. We have office space that is perfect for your business needs. Leasing office space from State Venture, is an easy leasing experience with professional property managers. Learn about our rental rates,lease terms, outstanding amenities, great locations and more as you begin your search to lease.

Our friendly staff can help your business find the right space for your business as it grows.We have Office space properties in Houston and Spring, and we will help you find an office building that will suit your budget and space requirements.

State Venture owns and rents residential homes in Texas and other states. Contact us to know more about our locations.

Retail Centers & Residential homes

State Venture has a selection of Retail Center locations and homes for rent in Houston, Texas and in other locations. Our Retail Centers are located in good locations and we have well known tenants such as the AMC theater. We have retail space to fit your needs whether you need a small lease space or a large space. State Venture’s professional management will help you find the space you need and make your leasing experience an easy one.  Learn about our rental rates, lease terms, outstanding amenities, great locations and more as you begin your search to lease.


State Venture owns tracts of farmland in Texas and other states. Some of the farmlands are used for grazing livestock and hunting wildlife.   State Venture uses its ranches for hunting quail, turkey, deer and wild hogs.  Contact us to learn more about our farmland, ranches, grazing leases and hunting leases.

State Venture owns and operates livestock at our Texas ranch. Please contact us for further information.

Are you looking to rent a space or sell your property? Our email address is info@stateventurellc.com